Wants to be a Doctor
Eddie-boy is fourteen years old. His mother is deceased. Eddie Boy’s father is a tricycle driver who works in Samar. Eddie Boy wants to study to become a medical doctor. Find out more
Wanting to be a teacher
John comes from a family of eight. He is sixteen. A dancer who wants to be a school teacher .John has Facebook page but his English skills are poor. Can you help John fulfill his goals? Find out more
Sponsor this Child
Clarito is aged 15. He is a high school student in year 3. Wants to continue on to college and become a teacher. At this time he speaks very poor English. Perhaps you can tutor him? Find out more
Decimie needs to continue her schooling
Decimie who is now 13 and is completing the 6th grade.Decimie is the first female to be added to our list of children needing sponsors so if you can help enhance the life of Decimie then contact us now Find out more
Street Kids
Street kids are everywhere in the Philippines. You can help feed or send these kids to school. Find out more
Kids get hungry too!
Its is just a small cost to feed hungry children in the Philippines. Your donation will go a long way. Find out more
Good English skills
Mark is a third year high school student.He is Fifteen years old.A dancer who wants to be a school teacher.He has good English skills. Find out more
Harry Needs a Sponsor
Harry is sixteen years old and seeking a sponsor. . Harry comes from a family of twelve.He is a singer and dancer who wants to be a civil engineer Has Email and Facebook. Speaks some English. Find out more

Can You Sponsor a Child ? A Child Needs You!